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If you are considering being a trustee or want to know what to look for when hiring for trustees, then download our guides.

Top Tips ¦ Becoming a trustee

Top Tips ¦ Hiring a trustee

With clients in the charity, non-profit and third sector who cover a diverse range of industries, from medical and pharmaceutical to social change, visual arts and unions; Moon Executive Search has an impressive track record when it comes to supporting our clients with trustee appointments.

Organisations need to think strategically about the experience they want around the boardroom table and how best to find the trustees they require. We regularly get asked to help distinguish between the essentials and what would be advantageous, and to provide expert advice and guidance on the Trustee marketplace.

The role of a Trustee incorporates various responsibilities; there is a great deal of emphasis on keeping the organisation focused on their purpose, directing strategy, raising the profiles of the brands, and ultimately, ensuring the business operates legitimately. Trustees also need to stay ahead of current trends, maximise opportunities, and consider ways in which technology can be harnessed to achieve commercial deliverables.

A Trustee should bring to the organisation a mix of commercial skills and leadership experience which will enable them to deliver strategic growth and provide advice on the challenges organisations can face.

However, organisations looking to recruit a trustee need to be prepared to invest time and money – it can be hard to secure good trustees with significant responsibilities with no financial reward. This is where Moon Executive Search comes in.

We have an extensive and diverse network of leaders within the business community, and can assist in the search for a trustee by reaching out to a wide group of potential candidates. 

We take the time to get to know the organisations we work with, and to understand what they are looking for in a trustee, both in terms of hard and soft skills. Our experience of positioning trustee roles to prospective candidates means that we can match the right person with the right opportunity – the one that they are willing to give up their time to because it is an organisation they believe in and want to support.

Recent completed Trustee campaigns include:

  • Board Build – multiple Trustees Not for Profit Organisation

  • High-profile Social Change campaign for two Trustees

  • Medical Research campaign for multiple Trustees

  • Visual Arts organisation for two Trustees

  • High-profile Union Organisation for a Trustee campaign