03-09-2018 UWE Workshop Invite - Analysing and Using Gender Pay Gap Data


British Academy of Management workshop

 Bristol Business School

University of the West of England

11.00-13.00 3rd September 2018


In April 2018 new regulations in Great Britain required organisations with 250 or more employees to report their gender pay gaps and gender distribution in each pay quartile.  The aims of this workshop are to bring together academics and practitioners to discuss how organisations can use the data they collected for the Gender Pay Gap Information Regulations as a springboard to better practice. The workshop will also be useful for organizations who fall below the 250 threshold for the reporting regulations, but who wish to start collecting pay gap data. 

The workshop will:

·       explore different ways of analysing gender pay gap data to get the most out of it

·       consider what further data may be usefully collected to achieve greater transparency

·       discuss how to identify areas for improvement from the data 

·       identify what organisations can do to improve their practice and their statistics for              reporting in 2019

·       report on sectoral analyses of the data submitted for gender pay gap reporting

·       present research on the gender pay gap in Bristol, the South West and Wales.

Attendance at the workshop is free but places are limited.

If you would like more information about the workshop please contact Professor Hazel Conley: hazel.conley@uwe.ac.uk