Challenges & Trends Report 2019

2018 was a year of both optimism and uncertainty. The economy has undoubtedly been affected by Brexit and organisations have been focused on trying to anticipate the opportunities and threats posed by Brexit. For many this has led to a more cautious outlook. 

Diversity and inclusion have remained high on the agenda, and Boards across the UK are realising the benefits that a diverse board can bring, especially to organisations which are looking to adapt to the economic conditions.  

When it comes to looking at the year ahead, the underlying message is focused on the need to innovate to thrive, particularly for organisations which operate in an evolving sector where considerable change can happen in a short period of time.  

However, for many leaders, especially those who are planning to add significant scale and reach to their business, attracting prospective employees, staff retention and working culture are equally important and will remain key issues throughout 2019. 

In this report, Moon Executive Search, in conjunction with Non-Executive Directors Hans Falkenburg, Theresa Wallis and Robert Bourns, and Executives from Brandon Trust, Action for ME, Osborne Clarke, Bristol Water, The Society of Merchant Ventures and Hargreaves Lansdown, considers some of the current challenges & trends facing leadership teams.