Key Recruitment Trends

Looking back

Our established client base repeatedly comments that we are renowned for working in partnership with our clients, and 2018 was another busy year for Moon Consulting.

We provided search and selection services for differing organisational requirements including business-as-usual, transformation projects, the development of new markets and the introduction new technology.

In addition to searches for C-Suite executives for the more traditional sectors, we also worked with innovative new businesses in the fin-tech and med-tech sectors, as well as those utilising blockchain, AI and crypto-currency. 

Throughout the campaigns we undertook in 2018, there were some key trends:

  • Short lists became even shorter.

  • Candidates felt uncertain about the implications of Brexit.

  • Salaries increased due to the competitive nature of the market.

  • Digitalisation highlighted the continued need for business agility.

  • High-level transformation experts were in great demand.

More of the organisations we worked with required discrete search services as they looked to stay ahead of the competition and grow their supply chain. In 2018, over 80% of our assignments were conducted under a non-disclosure agreement, which demonstrates just how often we are entrusted with sensitive high-level search mandates.

Market conditions such as Brexit, digitalisation, the use of AI and the changing nature of work, to name but a few, also impacted on recruitment.

We saw an increase in C-Suite appointments as a result of restructuring, diversification and to some extent future proofing. And this led to instructions from international organisations looking to set up operations in the UK, in London and the South West.

Investor interest also remained high and we worked with our investor clients to support them with £multi-million PE backed deals by conducting CEO and FD Searches. Of those assignments, over 70% were C-Suite roles in the £150k -300k salary range.

Looking forward

The uncertainty around Brexit will continue to impact on candidates’ willingness to move roles. This highlights the importance of targeted recruitment campaigns.

Moon Consulting’s expertise means that we understand the importance of a tight, focused search criteria. By targeting candidates who are actively seeking career advancement you can overcome the reticence to jeopardise financial and job security.

However, at the same time client expectations of their ideal candidate also need to be managed as short-lists will become even tighter, with two or three people being the new norm.

The increasingly selective career decisions being made by candidates means that the messaging around experience, values, culture, location, travel and salary expectations, need to be positioned appropriately. In addition, companies need to actively ‘sell’ themselves at interview, and during the recruitment process, to secure the best candidates.

Moon Consulting are always aware of managing the candidate experience when making a head-hunt approach. It is vital that the initial approach is professional, and that relevant feedback is provided throughout the process to ensure the candidate feels valued and respected. 

However, in order to attract the best talent, companies also need to be aware of their market position, as more candidates want to work for an organisation that they believe in and can identify with.

This is a complex area which covers a range of differentiators from the organisation’s purpose, market position and service offering to its CSR activity, and each candidate will identify with something slightly different.  Yet, this is not an area which should be discounted, as it is increasingly important to millennials and generation X.

In addition, candidates will continue to focus more on additional benefits such as flexible working arrangements, equity, share options and car allowances over basic salaries and specific car options.

Indeed, the importance of flexible working should not be under-estimated and is expected at most mid-level management positions and above. Those organisations which offer flexible working arrangements tend to find it easier to attract and retain staff, and technology will continue to change our working practices.

It will be important to stay on top of emerging trends as we go through 2019.

The privileged position that Moon Consulting holds as an executive search business enables us to identify useful market insights. And we are regularly used as a sounding board for clients, mapping market opportunities and identifying future talent.


Moon Consulting understand the challenges that employers face when recruiting for an evolving market. The brightest talent is high in demand, and often hard to find. Our comprehensive local and global knowledge coupled with our extensive industry awareness allows us to source those hard-to-find skillsets whilst providing unparalleled service.

Our experienced team of search consultants work closely with your business, taking the time to understand the impact of the latest trends and product innovations.

If you would like to find out how we can help you, contact the team on 01275 371 200 or